My journey in interaction design starts as an architect working in digital production. First a web designer and flash animator, I moved quickly to management. But once there, the itch to solve problems for people through design came back, so I joined the company's UX club, attending the local meetup and reading the industry's corner stone books.

In 2014, I joined the first generation of Costa Rican Interaction Designers at Universidad Veritas, the only program of its kind in Central America, were we had the opportunity to share with great teachers, academics and experienced professionals.

Currently, I work as a UX Specialist / Architect at Accenture Costa Rica (Avventa), and occasionally teach to begginers in the discipline.

In my spare time, I disrupt our capital city with colorful yarn, along a group of people clinging to the idea that Costa Ricans deserve to enjoy urban spaces just as much as humid forests and beaches.